MORACEAE Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Incorporated on 24th, August 2004, is a company registered under a company Act 1956 with the vision to produce quality products at economical rates within the reach of all. With the aim to serve and redress the suffering of humankind, MORACEAE Pharmaceuticals marches ahead with qualitative approach in terms of innovative medical products under absolute deserving GMP Certification ready to serve the humanity. With strong economic backup and latest technical know how completely supported with loyal and dedicated menpower, the Company possesses enormous confidence and diligently looks forward to become a value based Pharmaceutical Company producing the quality product with ultra-modern production facility. The plant is situated at Sitarganj, Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand, (INDIA). The company is engaged in the business and marketing activities of pharmaceutical products, spread with strong network of Stockists and C & F agents and die hard faithful marketing team. The company has also highly qualified and experienced professionals in their respective fields. In quest to become international, the importance of solid home foundation cannot be over looked. We have emerged as one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company in India with rapid growth of share in domestic market. We enjoy an inevitable reputation amongst the medical fraternity for its high standards of ethics and quality, with the dosage form in tablets, capsules, oral liquids and ointment our core strength lies in the antibiotics and analgesic, where some of the recognized brands have led over decades. We firmly believe that in the scale of success every organization cannot remain stationery it must move upwards or downwards. That’s why we always invent new field of business to increase our business and profitability.